Nemesida WAF

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A modern on-prem web application security platform that protects all forms
web traffic, services and APIs against compromise attacks, L7 DDoS,
account takeover, malicious bots and other OWASP threats.

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Nemesida AI

Detecting zero-day attacks by machine learning module

Web management

Easy configuration and management via a web interface

Virtual patching

Built-in virtual patching module for fixing vulnerabilities on-the-fly

Vulnerability Scanner

Web application security audit in automatic mode

Bot mitigation

Blocking L7 DDoS, ATO, brute-force attacks and malicious bots

Quick start

Easy installation from the repository in 5-10 minutes


Built-in support for multitenancy mode (no limits for vhosts or RPS)

On Premises

Without cloud computing and traffic transmission beyond the perimeter

Nemesida WAF benefits

  • Safe. It is installed in its own infrastructure, does not transmit traffic beyond the perimeter and does not use cloud computing.
  • Simple. It does not require complex settings, it is controlled through an intuitive web interface.
  • Accurate. Through the use of full-fledged machine learning, it has real ultra-low false positives and high accuracy.

Nemesida Web Application Firewall features

Nemesida WAF operation is based on classical machine learning algorithm which is able to detect attacks with minimum response time and hight accuracy, almost without false positives detect attacks.

Nemesida Web Application Firewall is well-scalable, does not have limits of virtual hosts number and traffic limits and additional modules like vulnerability scanner, virtual patching system and personal cabinet will make Nemesida WAF usage easy and transparent. Now it does not require to create exclusion rules — the machine learning module will adapt for every web application. Keep track of the incidents in personal cabinet and enjoy Nemesida WAF.


customers all over the world use Nemesida WAF

OWASP WebApp and API Security

  • Deep request inspection and data normalization
  • API firewall: OpenAPI/Swagger specification support
  • SQLi, NoSQLi, RCE, LFI, RFI, SSI, SSTI, XXE, XSS etc. protection
  • Block access to source code, configuration files and backups
  • DDoS L7, brute-force, account takeover and other threats mitigation

Commercial Version

  • No hardcoded limits of RPS or virtual hosts
  • On-Premises software without cloud computing
  • Ultra-low false positives through the use of machine learning
  • Supplied as an installation packages for Linux and FreeBSD, as well as a Virtual Appliance or Docker image
  • Includes virtual patching, integration with antivirus and vulnerability scanner
  • Detects zero-day attacks to web application or API
  • Blocks DDoS L7, password guessing and malicious bots
  • Easily configured and maintained through a web interface
  • Easily integrates into the development and integration cycle (CI/CD)
  • Does not require constant maintenance and creation of exception rules
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Community Edition

Community Edition is noncommercial version Nemesida Web Application Firewall with a signature analysis only, provides a basic protection of web application against OWASP classes attacks and:

  • doesn't have high requirements for hardware resources;
  • updates from repository;
  • installation and settings require only a few minutes;
  • produces low false positive;
  • has a convenient and informative web interface;
  • easy to use.

Need technical support for Community Edition? Ask a question on the forum.

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