A list of updates of Nemesida WAF modules for 2021. Information about installing, updating and diagnosing the software is available in the section with documentation.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.354 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Improved signature analysis engine.
Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.565 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when training multiple virtual hosts at the same time.
Nemesida WAF API 1.462 (nwaf-api)
  • The problem of duplicate records in MTP mode is fixed.
Nemesida WAF Cabinet 2.3.83 (nwaf-cabinet)
  • Cumulative package of updates and fixes that increase the speed of the module, usability and information content.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.343 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Added support for Nginx 1.19.9 Mainline;
  • Fixes and improvements for Nemesida AI MLA modules and Nemesida WAF dynamic module.
Nemesida WAF API 1.441 (nwaf-api)
  • Improved mechanism for eliminating duplicate records when using Nemesida AI MLC in MTP mode.
Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.561 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Cumulative package of fixes and improvements.


Nemesida WAF Signtest 1.457 (nwaf-st)
  • Fixed incorrect display of WAF ID during export;
  • Removed False Negative page.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.315 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Added support for Nginx 1.19.8 Mainline.
Nemesida WAF 4.3.311 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Improved interaction with the Nemesida AI MLA module;
  • Added multiple message sending to Nemesida WAF API;
  • Minor changes when interacting with Nemesida AI MLC;
  • Minor changes in Nemesida AI MLA;
  • Other fixes and improvements.
Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.535 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Changing the format of transmitted messages to the dynamic module Nemesida WAF;
  • Outputting information about WAF ID to a log file;
  • Other minor changes.
Nemesida WAF API 1.428 (nwaf-api)
  • Fixed the problem of duplicating records saved in the database when using Nemesida AI MLC in MTP mode;
  • Expanded output of events to the log file;
  • Other improvements.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.271 (nwaf-dyn)
  • The add_banned_ip parameter has been added to the Nemesida WAF Management API, which allows you to include IP addresses in the list of temporarily blocked for block_time in the nwaf_limit parameter;
  • Improved interaction with the Nemesida WAF API module;
  • Added the ability to log messages to a separate file in the Nemesida WAF Management API management interface;
  • Added the ability to use the NoAPI and LM options when creating personal signatures;
  • Added support for Nginx 1.19.7 Mainline;
  • Improved stability of the Nemesida AI MLA module;
  • Other fixes and improvements.


Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.535 (nwaf-mlc)
  • The mechanism for applying exported requests from Nemesida WAF Signtest has been updated;
  • Added the [training] section to the mlc.conf file to manage the training process;
  • Other minor improvements.


Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.526 (nwaf-mlc)
  • The problem with incorrect updating of the mlc.conf file after training has been fixed;
  • Other minor improvements.
Nemesida WAF API 1.417 (nwaf-api)
  • Fixed a problem when receiving many messages from the dynamic module Nemesida WAF and Nemesida WAF Scanner.


Nemesida WAF Cabinet 2.3.30 (nwaf-cabinet)
  • Added Summary page with total summary information about blocked attacks;
  • It changed the mechanism to display an indicator of behavioral models;
  • Optimized module operation with a large number of events;
  • Improved search engine;
  • Added filter for Rule ID and zone BODY;
  • Other minor changes.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.223 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Cumulative package of fixes and improvements for the Nemesida AI MLA module.
Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.519 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Cumulative package of fixes and improvements.


Nemesida WAF 4.3.175 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Added functional for using captcha (parameters nwaf_bf_ban_captcha_host and nwaf_bf_ban_captcha_path in nwaf.conf) to unblock the IP-address that received BT 7 (brute force attack);
  • Added functional for Base64 decoding of the request content by the Nemesida AI MLA module (section [deep_inspection] in mla.conf);
  • Other minor changes.
Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.495 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Added functional for Base64 decoding of the request content by the Nemesida AI MLC module (section [deep_inspection] in mlc.conf);
  • Optimized module operation under heavy loads;
  • Implemented the functional of saving the training sample for further training;
  • Other minor changes.


Nemesida WAF API 1.407 (nwaf-api)
  • Cumulative update package that includes fixes related to receiving events from Nemesida WAF Scanner.


Nemesida AI MLC 5.7.456 (nwaf-mlc)
  • Improved stability of the module;
  • Improved mechanism for detecting anomalies;
  • Optimized module operation under heavy loads;
  • Multiple fixes and improvements.
Nemesida WAF 4.3.93 (nwaf-dyn)
  • Improved processing of requests coming from the Nemesida AI MLC module;
  • Changed the format of messages sent to the Nemesida WAF API;
  • Improved mechanism for detecting anomalies by the Nemesida AI MLA module, improved stability of operation;
  • Other minor changes.
Nemesida WAF API 1.388 (nwaf-api)
  • Cumulative update package.